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Thirteen years ago, while during his senior year of High School, Tyler, the creator of Triple Whammy Sauces was grilling for his family. Tyler realized he had run out of BBQ sauce, well low and behold Tyler noticed he had the ingredients to create his own BBQ sauce at home. The first attempt wasn’t his best (he had his younger brother running around the house with his tongue out because he put too much kick in the sauce). Tyler eventually went off to college and sort of forgot about the sauce he created. Well, one day awhile cooking for friends he decided to give the BBQ sauce another shot, and 3 years of trial and error he created the sauce you all know and love today Triple Whammy BBQ Sauce. He dialed back on the heat and stepped up on the overall flavor. Other friends around campus and even some restaurants in the area heard and tasted the BBQ sauce and just had to have it. Tyler not knowing how to mass-produce this bought a ton of mason jars and bottled the first few sauces. While the bottles have changed the flavor stayed the same. Tyler is a stickler for real ingredients, careful preparation, hard work, and being happy doing what you love. We hope our sauces inspire you to create long-lasting smiles.

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